The Inside Life of a Former IRS Collections Official

IRS revenue officers are among the most powerful people on the government payroll. Ten days after the IRS demands payment, they can seize a taxpayer’s possessions. They can serve a levy on a third party such as a bank or employer. If they suspect you may try to skip town they can seize your possessions right away. And all of this can be done without a court order!

I want to direct you to a fascinating article written by a former IRS Revenue Officer. He admits that the motive of IRS tactics is not so much about collecting the money, as it is about instilling fear and creating a vision of massive IRS power in the eyes of the public. In reality, there are not enough IRS Revenue Officers to handle all of their collection cases. It is much easier to create the illusion of fear in order to scare people into compliance. This former IRS employee was encouraged to seize property and create a big ruckus in the media when he knew full well that these taxpayers would be eligible for installment agreements and other collection alternatives to help them deal with their tax debts. This former employee talks about one administrator he knew who earned a promotion by refusing every offer in compromise brought before him.

As a taxpayer who may be in trouble, this is what you are up against. This is why having an experienced and knowledgeable tax attorney is critical to your success. Eliminating this “fear-factor” and removing the “drama” is one of the reasons why I love doing what I do. Together we can figure out your issues and get your life back! I encourage you to call us today:

Also, to read the full story from the former IRS agent, check the article here:

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