Divorce And Taxes In The Time Of COVID

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The Most Taxing Issue Taxpayers May Ever Have To Face

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Report All The Money You Steal Or Find On The Street On Your Tax Return

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Old-Fashioned Thievery Is Alive And Well

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A New Boon For College Athletes Could Lead To Big League Tax Issues

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The IRS Is Always The Biggest Winner In Many Lawsuits

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Remote Tax Worries Compliments Of COVID-19

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The IRS Is A Fraud Magnet

With literally trillions of dollars pouring into the U.S. treasury from taxpayers, you just know criminal minds everywhere are greedy to make a grab for some of that cash. And, believe me, […] Read More

IRS Allows Unemployment Compensation To Be Excluded From AGI On 2020 Taxes

As we all know, the pandemic hit some individuals and families much harder than others. While unemployment compensation helped in many cases, it certainly did not cover all expenses for some, and […] Read More

The IRS Resisted But Finally Gave In And Extended The Filing Deadline

“Resistance is futile!” This line that was made famous in the movie Star Trek: First Contact is one that is applicable to the IRS this tax season. They tried to resist the […] Read More