What Exactly Does a Reputable Tax Resolution Professional Do?

tax professional

You have tax problems.

That is a serious issue and one that should lead you to look for help. Perhaps you are hesitating because you do not know how to find help or who to go to. It is normal for you to feel anxiety and stress when faced with tax problems but this is no reason to jump onto the first “quick fix” that you are offered. Your very first step should be to schedule a consultation with a licensed attorney, a CPA or an enrolled agent. Whoever you choose should have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Avoid large tax resolution firms that use strong sales pitches, offer extreme promises of success and ask for large upfront fees before they have even done anything.

So, you may ask, “Alright, I’ll look for a reputable tax resolution professional but what exactly will they do for me?”

Well, quite simply, an experienced tax resolution professional will perform specific actions to successfully engage the IRS on your behalf. They will start by doing some serious research and fact-finding on your case. An initial consultation can take an hour or longer so that they can collect all of the information on your existing tax issues. At this stage it is very important that you are honest with them so that they can select the best available options for solving your case. Hiding information from them may lead to certain factors about your case being looked over, factors that could be game changers in the success of your resolution.

A few things they may want to know about include:

  • What type of taxes that you owe. Individual, corporate, payroll, estate or excise taxes?
  • Whether or not you owe federal or state taxes. Of if you owe a combination of both.
  • Whether or not you have filed all of your past tax returns. If you haven’t they will want to know which years you missed.
  • Your financial goals.
  • If you think you have overpaid your taxes or if you believe the IRS has made a mistake in their assessment of what you owe.
  • Finally, they should want to know if you are confused, overwhelmed and perhaps unsure of what is going on with your case.

Taking the information from the consultation the tax resolution professional will also conduct research into your case to try to fully understand what you are facing. They may conduct an investigation of their own into what the IRS has on file about you and what charges you are facing exactly.

After the research is conducted the tax resolution professional will have a pretty good idea of what options are available to you. They will present you with your options and should explain in detail what each option will do for your specific situation. They will build a strategy to face your IRS problem using viable options and then take you through a step-by-step process to implement that strategy. They will shield you from the IRS and help relieve the pressure that may be being placed on you through liens, levies and garnishments. Finally, they will help you finalize a solution with the IRS that works in your best interest and help pull you out of financial hardship.

If you are facing tax problems make sure you schedule a consultation with a qualified tax resolution professional today. Don’t wait. Every day you ignore the problem is another day that the IRS will use to increase their collection pressure tactics. http://irsallstar.com/

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