Timely Tax Resolution in Pensacola Florida

Everyone makes mistakes.

It’s just a part of life. When it comes to owing the IRS money, there is a very fine line between unintentional oversight and overt tax evasion. If you’ve made a mistake on a tax return, you may wonder how long you will need to worry about the issue. In general terms, the IRS has three years to audit you if they’ve found a mistake on your return. However, if Uncle Sam suspects that you’ve hidden more than 25% of your income (intentionally or not); they have 6 years to audit your return.

Most reasonable people would agree that 6 years is a long time to wait it out. What’s worse, the IRS may not start running the clock until after they identify the “last act of evasion.” Believe me, this is a gamble you do not want to wage.

It’s time to stop worrying and do something about your tax issue.

Under the cover of attorney-client privilege, you can ask the questions that you’ve needed to ask, and get the answers you seek. Hire an experienced Gulf Coast tax attorney and get this problem behind you.

Timing is everything! Act now before it’s too late! Read this Forbes article to learn more about what you might be up against if you’ve made a mistake on a tax return.


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