Cleaning Up after Someone Else’s Mess is Never Fun. This is Especially True if that Mess is a Big IRS Tax Problem

At times, our team at IRSALLSTAR finds that we have to help our clients clean up a tax mess that was left to them by someone else or partially created by someone else. Sometimes these problems were the result of their involvement with a spouse or business partner. Other times we find ourselves needing to help our clients recover from their unfortunate involvement with disreputable or incompetent tax resolution firms. In either instance, our clients are often emotionally and financially stressed and confused about what they need to do to put an end to their problems. We know it’s not easy to deal with tax problems and we know the burden is twice as hard when it was either handed to you by someone else or improperly handled and perhaps made worse by incompetent representation.

So what can you do about being left with what might be an unexpected tax burden? The answer will vary depending on your exact situation. However, the first thing you should understand is that there are solutions to all tax problems and that by taking action now to fix the mess at hand you are on your way to solving your tax problems. Many people will ignore their tax problems and ultimately find themselves in very serious trouble that they could have avoided by taking earlier action.

Now that you have determined to take action, you need to get help. Fighting the IRS is very difficult and if your tax issues are complex and confusing your battle will be even more difficult. The Federal Tax code contains over 3,700,000 words and it changes regularly! This should give you an idea of just how confusing a tax problem can get. Finding reputable, competent and reliable representation to assist you with your tax problem will not only relieve a certain amount of stress but it will ensure that you are fully aware of all of your potential options. For example, if your tax mess was left to you by your spouse, you may qualify for “Innocent Spouse Relief”. A competent tax resolution firm will review your case thoroughly, make sure that the debt you owe to the IRS is correct, and point you to realistic options for your case.

In order to find a tax resolution firm that can truly help you need to make sure that you interview them and ask them some questions. A tax resolution firm should never use scare tactics or provide you with unrealistic “guarantees” to convince you to hire them. They should make you feel comfortable and be upfront with their fees. They should also discuss any problems that may be unique to your case. Whether you are already working with a tax resolution firm or you are considering interviewing some tax resolution firms you should consider these questions:

  • Are you 100% sure that they filed or will be filing returns for any outstanding tax years?
    • Don’t assume this important step has been taken without obtaining verification from the IRS. Any tax resolution firm that takes your credit card information over the phone and tells you they are filing your returns but they do not provide verification of return filing is suspect and should be questioned.
  • How long has the company been in business?
    • Tax resolution companies that are disreputable or operate illegally eventually become the focus of investigations or class-action law suits. Frequently, these types of companies will shut down before legal proceedings get started, rename themselves and then reopen in another state. IRSALLSTAR has been in the same location since we started and we are not going anywhere. Determine if the firm you are working with is stable and trustworthy before you start giving them money or personal information.
  • Make sure that the firm you work with helps you to correctly complete a Form 433-A (Collection Information Statement). If a firm asks you to fill out a Form 433-A on your own, they are not providing competent representation and you risk providing the IRS unnecessary information that may cause you additional problems.

Here at IRSALLSTAR we regularly help clients clean up their IRS mess then help them to resolve their underlying IRS problems. We can help you find the right solutions to repair damage left behind by past domestic tax issues, business problems or complications resulting from working with incompetent or unprofessional tax resolution firms. Contact us today and let’s start creating a game plan for a better future. See

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