Facing a Tax Lien? Find Out Your Options Now

Does your Alabama home already have a tax lien on it?

Do you feel trapped and unable to move forward? Are you afraid to try to sell your home for fear of the tax lien holding back the sale? Are you hiding from taking action because you don’t feel you have any options? You need to know that there are options, there is a way out.

If you have received an IRS Notice & Demand of Payment and you have chosen not to pay, then you have 10 days before the IRS can begin the process of placing a lien on your property.

However, this is not the only problem you face if you do not take action. The IRS can also garnish your wages and seize property if you don’t act. Again, you do have options and your first step to facing your problem and beginning the process of taking care of it starts with getting help.

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