Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney for an IRS Audit

Receiving news from the IRS that you are going to be audited can fill you with dread. Dealing with an audit is one of the most stressful experiences you can have. When you’re faced with an IRS audit you may not know exactly how to respond, and sometimes not knowing how to face a challenging situation causes even more stress.

This is not the time to stick your head in the sand and ignore the problem. You should be aware that the IRS will not just disappear, and being audited is serious business. This is an excellent time to turn to a professional for help.

Watch this video for the top 3 reasons to hire a tax attorney to help you through your IRS audit.

The top 3 reasons you’ll want to consider hiring a tax attorney to help you with your audit.

  • A tax attorney can handle much of the burden for you.
  • Tax auditors can be wrong, and tax attorneys know where to look for those mistakes.
  • A pro can counter-attack. Since you’re not in this situation every day, you may not know how to leverage your position and negotiate with the IRS like a qualified tax attorney.

You don’t have to do it alone.  If you need help with an IRS audit, contact The Willis Firm today.

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