Put Your IRS Stress Behind You

There’s a famous analogy that a college chemistry professor used to teach his students about stress.

If you hold out a glass of water for a couple minutes, most likely nothing will happen to you physically. If you hold the glass of water out for an hour, it will undoubtedly become uncomfortable. Keep holding the glass of water for 24 hours and you would probably be in extreme pain. All the while though, the weight of the water never changes. Finally, the professor asks how you could avoid the pain. After a few creative but complex responses, the answer ends up being the most simple, which is to just put down the glass of water.

This same analogy can be used when dealing with the stress of IRS problems.

The glass of water represents your IRS problems and the level of discomfort depends on how long you carry the burden of unfiled or unpaid taxes. As soon as you make the decision to finally hire a tax attorney or speak with the IRS, the weight of financial stress can be lifted. While getting IRS help and solving tax problems isn’t easy, the problems certainly won’t go away by ignoring them.

As an experienced tax attorney, I understand the mixed feelings of fear, embarrassment and frustration of having the IRS and tax problems looming over your head. There are many solutions to tax problems, but the first step is to take action quickly! Ignoring payment requirements and IRS notifications will only result in more penalties.

At IRS Allstar, we strongly believe in doing things the right way in order to avoid additional and future problems or complications. By doing it right the first time, you won’t have to go back to dealing with recurring problems.

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