Why the Pre-Game Checklist is Helpful

You have decided to face your tax problem and are ready to talk with someone.

Why then would you want to use our pre-game checklist before you call? After all, you want to take care of your tax issues right now! Well, there are two main reasons why we provide a Pre-Game Checklist.

First, it helps get the information in order. Having the correct information available when you call us will help us better assess your situation and determine what next steps to take. It allows us to make sure your case starts off the right way, with the right facts and helps us address your needs correctly.

The second reason we like the Pre-game checklist is that it changes the way that YOU think about your tax problem. When you gather the facts together you start the path towards empowering yourself through conscious action.

The few small steps you take to pull together the basic information helps you begin taking control and finding the courage to move forward.

Then, when you call, we can help you look at that information and find the right solutions. To see the Pre-Game Checklist go here. http://irsallstar.com/pre-game

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