Old-Fashioned Thievery Is Alive And Well

As everyone scurries around doing holiday shopping, the last thing on most people’s mind is getting their wallet stolen. These days we’re mostly concerned with protecting our information from digital scam artists. But I can assure you, pickpockets and ne’er do wells are still out and about in the real world and, as busy as those in the virtual world. They’re ready, willing and able to snag your wallet to take your money, credit cards and your personal information. So, please be careful when you’re out shopping.

One thing that is being suggested is to not carry important information in your wallet. Seniors in particular are accustomed to carrying their Social Security cards in their wallet. This is no longer advisable. If you are tech savvy at all, you might want to create a digital wallet on your smart phone that holds your driver’s license, credit cards, vaccination card. Here’s what happened when one person “lost” their wallet in Iowa as reported by AARP.

“After a lost wallet was pocketed in June at a casino in Davenport, Iowa, the thief kept the $800 inside and an ID card. Later, the rightful owner’s name and personal information was exploited to set up an online bank account to obtain a debit card and checks, and with accomplices, the first crook and his cohorts went on a spending spree at a half dozen merchants, later peddling some of their $5,600 in purchases on Facebook Marketplace.”

We are living in an age when we all have to stay vigilant and protect our personal information. Personal information has become a very lucrative commodity in the criminal world. Please protect your information online and on your person.

May you and yours have a safe, healthy, happy holiday season.

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