IRS Tax Season May Be Over, But Telephone Scams Are Still in Full Gear

Tax season is over, which means that most Americans can stop thinking about the IRS and get back to enjoying their lives. (If you’re stuck in an IRS dispute and wish you could get back to enjoying your life, we can help!)

But just because the hectic tax season is behind us doesn’t mean that tax scammers will close up shop. As USA Today reports, a common and effective scam has cost taxpayers millions of dollars and is still in operation today:

This swindle is incredibly simple and straightforward. The crooks pretend to be an IRS agent or someone from the U.S. Treasury Department calling about a problem with your tax return.

“They say you didn’t pay enough or the money wasn’t received, and the only way to remedy this and make sure nothing bad happens to you is to get money to them immediately,” explains Lois Greisman, associate director at the Federal Trade Commission. “Some of them can become very threatening and very abusive.”

The scammers typically threaten potential victims with arrest or deportation. They may also claim that they can revoke a license or shut down a business if they don’t get the money right away.

To make their pitch seem more legit, they will often spoof the caller ID to make it display the IRS toll free number (800-829-1040).

If you hang up, another scammer may call, this time pretending to be with your local police department.

Whatever the exact pitch, the goal is always the same: To get your hard-earned money.

Please don’t get burned by this scam. Do not, under any circumstances, provide sensitive information over the phone or via email. If you are contacted by an individual claiming to be from the IRS and asking for this type of information, hang up and visit to report the encounter.

While scams can cost taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars, the truth is that genuine IRS disputes can be even worse. If you find yourself in an IRS dispute, please get in touch with our firm today. We will represent your interests to the IRS and will negotiate tirelessly until we reach the best possible settlement. The harassing phone calls and threatening letters will stop, and you will be able to get back to enjoying your life. Please contact us today to learn more!

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