The IRS Still Drowns in Backlog

Ever since the government shut down, the IRS has been scrambling to catch up. During the shutdown, the tax collecting organization received over 400,000 pieces of correspondence. They reportedly had 1 million items already in the queue before the shutdown. To add to the backlog, they are also implementing additional training, programming, and testing to provide additional checks and balances against fraud and identity theft.

Because of this massive backlog, the agency recently announced a one to two week delay in beginning the 2014 tax filing season. The original date to begin processing tax returns was scheduled to be January 21st. Now the starting day will occur somewhere between January 28th and February 4th. The new date will be solidified very soon and the IRS will not process paper tax returns prior to this start date. Of course, this does not mean the deadline to file your tax return will change! The April 15th deadline will remain intact.

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