IRS Tax Controversy: Can We Trust the IRS?

None of us like the IRS. As taxpayers, it is natural that we want to keep as much of our hard earned money in our own pockets each year. At the same time, most of us understand that the government does need revenue in order to function, and recognize that some level of taxation is necessary, even if we don’t enjoy it.

But last month we learned that the agency in charge of collecting these revenues, the IRS, was inappropriately targeting conservative political organizations for additional scrutiny. And while most of us don’t run political organizations, we do deal with the IRS. And if we can’t trust the agency to operate ethically with regards to political groups, how can we trust them to operate fairly in our own affairs?

A recent article posted on points out just how troubling these developments are:

In the last few weeks we’ve learned that the IRS has been reading private email, monitoring private phone records, using audits to harass conservatives, and will soon be policing our health care.

U.S. citizens have testified before Congress that their conservative organization’s confidential donor list was leaked to its “principal political opponent,” which could be a felony.

A few days after the news hit headlines, IRS executive Lois Lerner pled the Fifth Amendment, exercising her constitutional right under the fifth amendment, not to incriminate herself. Ironically, while on her watch, the IRS blatantly violated the civil rights of countless Americans.

Acting IRS Director Steven Miller, speaking under oath, told a congressional committee that he didn’t know his low-level operatives were targeting more than 300 organizations—all conservative, many faith-based—and denied or delayed their applications for non-profit status.

The arrogant power grab is leading us down a path toward a nanny state. We don’t believe the government should have the power to control our speech, our religious liberties and now our health care. No wonder they also want to control our guns.

If the question is “can we trust the IRS to operate legally and responsibly?” the answer is clearly “no.” For the future of our democracy, let’s all hope that the agency can make the changes necessary to ensure that each and every taxpayers is treated fairly.

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