IRS Problems? Why “Going it Alone” Will Cost You Big Time

Dealing with the IRS is stressful, challenging, and potentially very expensive.

Yet, many Americans each year find themselves in the midst of an IRS dispute—and choose NOT to enlist the help of an expert. Unfortunately, this is almost always a serious mistake. Below are four reasons that it is essential to enlist the help of an IRS expert if you’re in the midst of a tax dispute:

1) Innocent mistakes will be held against you.

The IRS is not known for its sense of compassion—as anyone who has made a mistake on their tax return can attest. If you make a mistake, even if it is completely innocent, the IRS will still come after you for every penny you owe—including penalties and interest. You simply can’t afford mistakes!

2) It’s impossible to be a tax-law expert without spending years learning the law.

The tax code is incredibly confusing—and growing more confusing every year as more regulations are handed down. No matter how smart you are, there’s no way that you can learn all of the pertinent information you need without devoting years to the quest. Take advantage of the expertise of others!

3) The IRS specializes in intimidating taxpayers.

The IRS is known as the “world’s most brutal collection agency”—and they’ll do whatever it takes to collect. Threatening phone calls, garnishing wages, even showing up at your home… you name it, the IRS does it. And if you don’t have professional representation that apprises you of your rights and the reality of the situation, it is easy to be overwhelmed and end up giving the IRS everything they want.

4) The cost of hiring a tax professional is dwarfed by the money that could be saved.

In many cases, we have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars in IRS debt. Do you think they are glad that they invested in our services? Of course, every situation is different—but in almost every case, hiring a professional is worth it many times over when you consider the money, the time, and the stress that you are spared!

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