Filing Your Taxes Soon? These IRS Tips Will Help

As the month of April rolls around, millions of taxpayers across the country will be filing their taxes in order to meet the IRS deadline of April 15. If you’re one of these people, an article recently posted on has some suggestions that may be helpful. Below are three of them:

1. E-file your taxes. It’s a fast, easy and accurate way to file, and for most people it’s free. The IRS’s Free File partnership with several tax software companies allows most filers to prepare and e-file their returns free online. It’s only available at . Extensions are free, too, through IRS Free File, but must be filed by April 15.

2. Don’t miss the earned income tax credit. Many lower-income workers, including some grandparents raising grandchildren and rural residents, miss out on EITC each year. Even if you couldn’t claim EITC on previous tax returns, changes in your income or marital status or having a child may allow you claim it for 2012. If you worked some part of last year and your household income was below $50,270, you may qualify for EITC. Use the EITC Assistant at to find out.

3. Watch out for tax scams. Emails that appear to be from the IRS probably are not. Scammers may go phishing for your private information by alerting you to a nonexistent refund or threatening you with an audit if you don’t respond. The IRS never uses email, texts or any social media to initiate contact with taxpayers. Never.

At this point, you’ve still got time to complete your taxes—but remember that if you fail to have your return completed and postmarked by April 15, your return is late and you are subject to IRS penalties. In addition, waiting until the last moment often causes increased stress—and increases the likelihood of mistakes as you rush to beat the deadline. So don’t put it off much longer!

If you’d like help preparing your tax returns, we would be glad to assist. In addition, if you’re facing an IRS dispute or other complications, we can help. Our team is standing by… please get in touch with us today!

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