Can I Really Go To Jail?

Yes. When Uncle Sam figures out that you haven’t filed your tax returns, he will find you and put you in jail. It’s not illegal to owe the IRS money. However, failing to file returns is a felony and not taken lightly in the legal system.

I work with clients everyday who live in fear, and every day I help clients dig their way out of their IRS mess. Our first order of business will be to determine exactly what is going on with your particular situation. Once we understand the issue, we will identify what options are available to you. Rest assured you do have options.

If you feel like the “underdog”, I have good news for you. Our team of IRS All Stars is dedicated to helping the little guy win. We’ll help you to cleanup your IRS mess and get you on a better path.

The best way to avoid jail time is to be proactive and honest with the IRS. We can help you devise a tax resolution plan. This will demonstrate to the IRS that you are ready to work with them and not against, them. Let’s face it; the IRS and the court system would be more understanding if you presented them with a well-devised action plan.

If the IRS is at your door, it’s time to hire a qualified and experienced tax attorney. It’s not a good idea to file past returns without legal help because submitting these returns is an “admission” of the amount owed to the IRS. Having appropriate counsel can save you many headaches down the road.

Stop being the underdog. If you owe back taxes and have not filed a tax return, The Willis Firm can help you understand your options and provide you with the legal counsel needed to avoid jail time. To learn how we can help with your specific case, contact our office today: 877-254-4254. You can also visit us online:

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