Several Montgomery Alabama Residents Indicted For Tax Fraud!

A group of Montgomery Alabama Residents were recently indicted by a federal grand jury for involvement in tax fraud. The group faces charges that include conspiracy and theft of government money.  One of the individuals charged, Tarrish Tellis, was also indicted on 5 counts of aggravated identity theft. The groups is accused of using the identities to file false federal income tax returns. If convicted each of the defendants faces a maximum potential sentence of five years for conspiracy . They also face 10 years in prison for each theft of government funds and Tarrish faces a mandatory 2 years sentence for aggravated identity theft.

Identity theft has been shown to be on the rise in the last few years. You can do a few things to protect yourself. One way to avoid having someone target your tax refund is to file your taxes early.

  • You can also follow a few tricks to help prevent Identity theft:
  • Create passwords or PIN numbers out of a random mix of letters and numbers.
  • Keep a list of account numbers and their expiration dates and contact telephone numbers filed away.
  • Pay attention to account notices telling you that your account information has changed and make sure you are the one that changed that information.
  • Keep your social security number safe.
  • Sign up for a credit monitoring service so that you can stay on top of credit activity.
  • Be careful what personal information you give over the phone.
  • Shred  bank statements, returned checks, credit card offers, receipts and other sensitive information before you throw it away.
  • Pick up your new checks at the bank and avoid them being grabbed while in the mail.
  • Don’t carry all of your documents with you all of the time. Only carry what you need.
  • Make sure anyone who has access to your records is reliable and keeps them guarded as well.

Doing these few things will help you avoid being a target for identity thieves. To read about the individuals being accused in Alabama read this.–204899041.html

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