Think Your IRS Problems are Hopeless? Think Again!

If you are wrapped up in an IRS dispute, it may seem like your situation is hopeless.

Between the penalties and interest which continue to pile up and the repeated phone calls and visits from overly aggressive IRS revenue officers, many taxpayers feel trapped and completely helpless. And they feel alone—one person up against a mammoth federal bureaucracy.

If that’s you, I have good news for you: you CAN resolve your IRS dispute. Your tax issues don’t have to make your life miserable. But it is crucial that you understand that, until you take action, your problems won’t get any better.

In fact, they will only get worse. Why?

Because during the period of time that you are ignoring the issue, the IRS is slapping your account with penalty after penalty. If you file late, you’ll face a penalty. If you pay late, you’ll face a penalty. If you make a mistake, you’ll face a penalty. If you fail to disclose certain information, you guessed it, you’ll face a penalty. If you own a business and you fail to withhold and deposit employee payroll taxes properly, you’ll face a penalty. And as the penalties pile up, interest continues to constantly accrue as well.

And the longer you wait to address the issues, the worse it gets.

As you can imagine, it doesn’t take very long for the situation to get out of control.

To illustrate, here is a common story that we have heard time and time again:

A business owner makes a relatively minor mistake while preparing his return. (When you consider how complicated our tax code has become, it’s easy to understand why mistakes happen!) The IRS, in turn, assesses a penalty. The owner is so busy dealing with the day-to-day management of his business that he does not have the time to respond appropriately. The IRS continues trying to contact him, causing further stress and anxiety. By the time he actually addresses the matter, the amount he owes has skyrocketed thanks to additional penalties and interest.

What was initially a manageable bill is now a nightmare. The unfortunate business owner has no chance of paying what he owes—but the IRS won’t listen. The stress this causes is overwhelming, and it’s not uncommon to see businesses go belly-up as a result. Of course, in many cases even bankruptcy doesn’t stop the IRS, as they can often pursue an individual’s assets as well, depending on how the business was structured. And all the while, the penalties and interest continue to accrue.

The bottom line is simple: the only way to get your IRS problems under control and moving toward resolution is to take action. At IRSALLSTAR, we work with taxpayers who are tired of the endless cycle of IRS harassment—and we can help you, too!  But it is up to you to take the first step. And that’s not hard—all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call today!


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