No One Likes Paying Taxes Not Even People Who Work For The IRS

filing taxes

I don’t know anyone who likes to pay taxes. Even though I’ve been a tax attorney for most of my career, I’ve never run across anyone excited to pay their taxes. On occasion, I’ve run into clients who are excited that they can actually pay what they owe or pay a reduced tax bill. But never ever have I had anyone say, “I love paying taxes!” With that being said you might take some small pleasure in knowing that even federal employees, people who work for the IRS and review tax returns, resent supporting the government by paying taxes. Those who work for the IRS must pay their taxes even though they may not want to. That’s because a law that was passed in 1998 says the IRS can’t keep employees who don’t pay their taxes. Yet, apparently, 1.35% of the tax agency’s workers are delinquent.

In other branches of the federal government a rising number of employees are also delinquent in paying their taxes. And many don’t even file their tax returns. For instance, topping the list is the U.S. Postal Service with 9,056 delinquent or non-filers. Next comes the Department of Veterans Affairs with 6,586. The Department of the Army has 4,459 while the Department of the Navy has 3,411, and the Department of the Air Force with 2,725. Let’s head over to the Department of Defense which boasts 2,373 delinquent taxpayers, the Department of Agriculture with 1,992, the Department of Homeland Security with 1,936, the Department of Health and Human Services with 1,417, and the Social Security Administration with 953.

With the 2022 tax filing deadline of April 18, 2023 approaching, the point of this example is to let you know you are not alone if you cannot pay your taxes. I do not offer this as an excuse to become delinquent, but to let you know that there are many people who for one reason or another find themselves in the position of not being able to pay what they owe. The IRS works with taxpayers knowing the burden that taxes are to everyone.

For those who have not filed in recent years, there is also help that can put you on the IRS’s good side again. I’ve been helping people relieve themselves of their non-filing, non-paying status for many years. I know there are many reasons taxpayers fall behind. In the past few years alone COVID, hurricanes and tornadoes are just some reasons that have affected most everyone. In everyone’s life there are circumstances that take people down. So, no matter the reason for your delinquency, let’s get you sleeping better at night and feeling more hopeful. Give my office a call. Once you get started, you’ll discover it’s not as difficult as you might have imagined.


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